WJR Parks

Lead Photographer and Videographer

William is the lead photographer for Parks Family Photography. He started with glamour photography before moving to family photography and has been published international in various glamour men's magazines. He has worked on a few indie films in Los Angeles and is the lead videographer for wedding and quince videos.

You can contact William at 806-752-0901

Joey Parks


Joey is a second shooter photographer and shoots primarily natural lighting and currently mastering studio lighting. He has been shooting photography over 5 years and also a Lamesa paramedic and firefighter.

You can contact Joey for Lamesa Photography at (806) 200-1023

Christy Parks


Christy is primarily a natural light shooter at the moment but aiming to learn studio lighting. She loves sports photography and taking action shots at the games.

Contact Christy for Midland Photography 806-200-4566